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HotelDesk goes an extra mile in the services it offers

Website Development
Website Development

Get a website custom-built to meet each of your needs and integrated with the HMS (HotelDesk or the existing). The website helps you create brand awareness, take bookings online, build a platform for promotional campaigns, attract franchises, and many more.

App Development
App development

A third-party supporting Android/iOS application made with necessary customizations to fit in the shoes of each property. As mobile phones act as the gateway to the online business world, tapping the potential of Internet unveils an unending growth story.


One of the benefits of being with us is the opportunity to get connected to the best platforms around the world. Be it bookings or payments, we make sure you are associated with the top alliance partners in the pretext of making your business run effortlessly and with deserved profits.

CRM Solution
CRM Solution

We respect and love our customers. Adhering to our policies, we have made available the best CRM solution for our clients to have a splendid relationship with their customers — the Reminders module for business enhancement and the Email/SMS module for guest engagement.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

The level playing field created by Social Media for businesses is immeasurable. From initializing your presence across social media to managing the marketing, we provide complete assistance as we are committed to increasing your business's visibility and brand recognition all over the digital column.

Digital Support

With almost half the world in its user list, the Social Media serves as a convenient communication tool. Since we have pledged to be where our customers are, we have a dedicated support team available on most of the online platforms to assist you in whatever hardships you may come across.


Unshaken quality by means of attention to detail in every stage of operation — from development to after-sales.
Market-oriented product development involving inputs from Hoteliers, Cashiers, and several others.
A dynamically updated roadmap through Continuous working with multiple stakeholders.
Untiring assistance and promised reachability with the recognition of responsibility.

World's Best Service

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Remote Assistance

In the event of an emergency, be assured to get remote assistance from the best team available,
any time anywhere.

Dedicated Call Support

We keep up the promise made during purchase. Call us with any queries and get them solved in no time. Our support is regardless of holidays.

Prompt Consultation

We understand your needs and are here only for you. Get punctual advice from the experts when and where necessary.

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