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Fondly called the 'Owner App', this module is built in the form of a mobile application that is integrated with the parent software 'HotelDesk'. It is your entire sales data 'in motion' which is built to provide a seamless experience to those whoever be interested in monitoring the sales of their business throughout the day of operation.

The importance of sales statistics can't be undermined. The daily sales application does no mistake in being your statistician and it is straightforward too; uses graphical representative imagery to put forth the data and the comparisons which are easy to understand.

The daily sales reports available in the application are Real Time sales, Daily Revenue, Occupancy List, Forecasting Report, Flash Report, Manager Report, and Cashiering Report.

Real-Time Sales

This category displays sales report of the given day in real-time. The details contained include Available rooms, Occupied rooms, Dirty rooms, Check-in in progress, Expected departure, Guest blocked rooms, Management blocked rooms, and Maintenance blocked rooms. Each division has the details of the room number, room type, and guest details. In addition, a graph decorates the top screen that depicts the sales differences among the various statuses. The data is available only during the given day and expire at the beginning of the next day.

Daily Revenue

This category displays the collections per service — be it the room or other services. Revenue generated is displayed against the day, month-to-date (MTD) and year-to-date (YTD).

Occupancy List

This sub-module displays the occupancy status of the rooms from the property directly to the Owner. The occupied rooms along with the percentage share of each room type are displayed. Additionally, the details such as guest name and check-out time are available for each room number. More information on the guests such as address, remaining payments, and the number of pax can be obtained by clicking on the Details option.

Forecasting Report

This sub-module contains the forecast of the guest arrivals and departures for the successive 30 days, listed one below another. This forecast enables the people at front desk to be informed about the room inventory anytime during the operation.

Flash Report

This category displays flash information on the Hotel revenue, Food & Beverage revenue, Miscellaneous revenue, Revenue from taxes and Allowances given. The revenue data is classified and available based on day, month and year.

Manager Report

This category displays entire data of the hotel ranging from room occupancy, housekeeping status, maintenance status, revenue generated by rooms, food & beverages and other services, and forecasts.

Cashiering Report

This category displays the summary of revenue (settlements, advance, laundry, refund, and paid outs among others) and payment mode (cash, card, cheque, DD, and net banking to name a few) of each day. Moreover, the summaries of any day can be obtained.

The application that is available for both Android and iOS enabled smartphones is a must for the owners to keep an eye on the sales and the settlement from anywhere around the world.

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