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Restaurant/Bar POS Integration

Say no to manual bill transfer

Been administering the food, bar and other incidental bills manually in your hotel and tired of doing it? Wouldn't you want to try your hands on a tool that allows seamless transfer of these bills from the restaurant/bar to your hotel without any manual intervention?

HotelDesk's POS integration module simplifies the restaurant charge posting processes through the integration of HotelDesk with the restaurant POS system with the help of a POS integration API (Application Programming Interface). The bills of the services availed at the restaurant/bar are communicated to the hotel management system which posts them to the guests' account. This empowers the hotels to improve their operational efficiency and also share the data across their departments for a better understanding of guests and their interactions.

If the HMS (Hotel Management System) is not integrated with the POS, the restaurant charges are to be communicated to the front desk and added to the guest's charges manually. This manual entry is prone to errors apart from being time-consuming. Hence, the interface created between the HMS and the POS is significant as it saves time, increases the efficiency, ensures billing accuracy, and leaves the customers satisfied since they aren't asked to take their wallets out every single time.

FoodEngine — the exclusive ERP to manage a restaurant, a pioneer to HotelDesk — collaborates well with HotelDesk to integrate the POS with the front desk and assure effective management. However, any other POS currently working in the hotel can be integrated without any inconvenience.

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