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Guest Reminders

Reminders have become an inevitable part of our modern lives as we underwent a transformation along with the technological boom. We evolved so much with the automation that we started trusting the machines more than ourselves. However, this is the need of the hour and is revamping the businesses worldwide.

The reminders are unconventional tools for enhancing the efficiency of the hotel business that helps to increase the collaborative effort among the staff and also in customer relationship management. The reminders module under the HotelDesk strives in this regard in delivering promising results to the customers. The module is made of two sub-modules — Guest Reminders and Hotel Reminders.

Guest Reminders consist of a varied range such as booking reminders, check-out reminders, wake up calls, and cloakroom services. Hotel Reminders include meeting reminders, appointment reminders, event reminders, guest pickup reminders, and parcel and courier notifications among others.

The Reminders module enables the input of details such as name, mobile number, e-mail ID for others and incorporates the information from the guest folio for the guests. These options are however customizable; duration of reminders can be set in the module. The module also supports sending multiple reminders for a number of people without restrictions making a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software tool.

These reminders are shown as pop-ups for the people at the Front Office and sent as e-mails and SMSs to the guests.

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