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Monthly Payroll

Manage the Human Resource, like never before

Efficient maintenance of the Human Resource is where most businesses fall short. In a busy environment like that of a hotel, the management and recording of accounts, attendance, time, shifts and payroll of all the employees can at times get heavy. To add to the misery, the work would be clogged when deadlines scare the HR managers. In the era of the internet, such distress deserves a cut as the best payroll software is in town.

Monthly Payroll module of HotelDesk comes in as a relief for the HR Managers as it offers a comprehensive solution to manage several critical functions of the department.


The attendance can be captured across several categories (Front Office, Back Office, Admin, Cashier, and Housekeeping), departments and pay groups. The system supports manual attendance entries along with biometric device integration. The attendance captured can be availed as monthly data, as daily time sheets, and as per individuals.

The module contains the calendar for the year which can be custom-made for the hotel departments separately. In addition, the module enables creation and maintenance of employee shifts. Attendance reports provided by the system include Individual attendance, Daily (timesheet, attendance), Monthly (timesheet, attendance), and Consolidated leave & late reports.

Leave Management

This includes controlling various leaves offered in the hotel to its employees. The options are broadly classified under Variant Leave Allotment, Management Late, Send requests and Approve requests.


Being the area of concentration for a user, this sub-module offers greatest simplicity and accuracy in its operations and in ensuring the reduced loss of productivity. Monthly salaries of all the employees can be processed under the module which has distinct classifications according to the departments and pay groups. In addition, pay slips of the staff can be generated and sent via email well within the payroll software.

Provisions are provided for salary rollback to ideally correct mistakes committed during the rollout. A discrete Setup Master is available under the payroll module to configure the entries. Several reports such as Employee Salary and EPF can be availed.


This authorizes the HR managers to communicate with the employees through Emails and SMS. Default templates for both emails and SMS are available; however, desired templates can be created.

Automated and accurate accounting along with organized human resource data saves time, minimizes workload, ensures data security and maximizes the efficacy of the department.

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