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Reports are an essential part of hotel management as they help big time in determining and tracking the performance of the business. They help in decision making with the data they provide and in avoiding discrepancies. Right decisions at the right time channel the success of any business. Report-driven decisions are Report-driven decisions are fundamental to the success of any business.

In-depth analysis facilitated by these reports help the managers in calculating the exact results during the operating period — verifying estimates, identifying revenues and accounting expenses. The reports ease the complexity involved in the act of balancing the revenue and expenditure and ensure the regularity of the hotel operation.

Reports generated in HotelDesk are classified as Front Office reports, Housekeeping reports, Inventory reports, and Cashier reports.

Front Office Reports
  • Reservation Reports — contain Today Arrival reports, Expected Arrival reports, Today Departure reports, Expected Departure reports, Reservations log reports, and Reservation Advance reports.

  • Registration Reports — contain Arrivals History reports, Checkout History reports, Occupancy List reports, Upgrade-Degrade reports, Link-Delink reports, Checkout Approval reports, Wi-Fi User Details reports, and Rack Rate reports.

  • Cashiering Reports — consist of High Balance reports, FO Cashier reports, Cancelled Bill reports, Postings Bill History reports, Settlement reports, Re-Settlement reports, Tally Export reports, Form-II reports, Shift Cashier reports, and Payment Mode reports.

  • Night Audit Reports — include Flash reports, Manager reports, Cash Balance reports, Daily Revenue reports and Day Book reports.

  • Guest Folio — contain the Guest Visit reports.

Housekeeping Department Reports
  • Guest Laundry Reports — contain the Laundry Order Token reports which can be generated based on either the laundry date or the due date.

  • Hotel Laundry Reports — consist of Linen LOT reports, Laundry Outward reports and Laundry Inward reports.

  • Housekeeping Reports — contain Room Status reports, Unit Checklist reports, Damage Entry reports, and Cancelled Bills reports.

  • Service Request Reports — include reports of the service requests received.

Inventory Reports

The inventory reports include a wide range of reports of Purchase Order, Purchase Entry, Purchase Return, Wastage Entry, Request Indent, Issue Indent, Return Indent, Stock Variance, Vendor Payment, and Stock.

Cashier Reports

The cashier reports include complete data of the sales like Advance, Settlement, Miscellaneous, Refund, Paid outs, Expenses, and Outstanding amount among others. These reports are tabled against the guest information such as Name, Room number, Check in date, Departure date, Bill number, and Pay mode.

Also, Real-Time sales and Daily Revenue are listed under this sub-module. Entire data can be availed for the desired dates along with the opening and closing balance for each selected day. The reports can be exported as excel sheets and/or printed.

All the available reports can be extracted as Excel (.xls) files in HotelDesk and sent to print from the software itself.

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