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Key card Integration

Access under control

A keycard is a reusable RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip based access card provided to every guest arriving at the hotel. The keycards are fed with the guest information collected during check-in such as room information, length of stay, check-out date and time.

The information is registered into the RFID tag through a hardware connected to the Front Office (FO) by which the card gets activated. The keycards are validated by RFID devices placed on the doors of all entry points to provide access through the doors. Access granted is usually controlled by the program written on the cards. During check-out, the keycard is invalidated at the FO and the card gets deactivated after the deletion of the guest information.

The Keycard Integration module helps to integrate the HotelDesk system with keycard vendors through the Application Programming Interface (API). The integrated keycards help in enhancing the check-in process and improve accountability.

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