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House Keeping

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Ensuring comfort and hygiene in every room and their main task is to make the rooms appealing to the guests

Housekeeping is an ever-operational unit of a hotel that is responsible for the cleanliness and aesthetic upkeep of not only the rooms but also the entire property and its surroundings. It involves a gigantic and voluminous effort considering the volume of work and the number of rooms to be maintained.

The housekeeping department is trusted with the responsibility of ensuring comfort and hygiene in every room and their main task is to make the rooms appealing to the guests. For this, the housekeepers must follow a well-organized approach with a technical plan and strong will to assure a reliable service.

It is the housekeeping department that institutes a welcoming atmosphere for each guest, with the very little window they get after every check-out. To enable this, the staff must know which rooms are occupied and which are to be cleaned beforehand. The housekeepers also maintain room inventories (soap, towels, bedspreads, etc.) and coordinate with the purchasing department to ensure that the guest supplies are stocked up and available.

The housekeeping services module under HotelDesk performs the following functions:

Room Status

Displays the current status of all the rooms of the property. The cleaning status is displayed according to the room numbers, floors, and room types. The status is differentiated using color codes. The cleaning is done based on a definite schedule and employee shifts.

Unit Cleaning Status

Displays the clean status of the hotel units other than the rooms such as kitchen, lobby, store room, bathrooms among others. The cleaning can be performed based on a custom schedule (either daily, weekly or monthly). The module enables the tracking of the schedule followed, the cleaned date and time, along with the slots.

Lost and Damage entry

Contains the entries of the hotel items lost or damaged by the guests during their stay. The fine charged on these items gets posted to the cashiering module and reflects in the final bill of the guest.

Lost and Found entry

Contains the entries of the items found that were lost by the guests. These entries are accurate and made against the room numbers which makes their tracking simple.

Check-out Approval

These approvals are the acknowledgement from the housekeeping department to the front office that the request raised for a check-out is entertained. It is mandatory that a check-out request is cleared by the hotel housekeeping department for the front desk people to be sure of the well-being of the room.


Reports of every activity of the department such as room status, unit cleaning, and damage entry are available under this module for further follow-up and audits.

In addition, the housekeeping module enables customization and configuration of the setup to define and edit actions based on individual needs.

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