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Guest History

A book of the past

Guest history module plays a vital role in guest-hotel interactions. It provides quick information on the previous visits of a guest during check-in. That way, exhausted guests needn't spend a long time at the front desk for the check-in formalities. This module consists in itself the record of each guest who has stayed earlier along with a separate entry for each such guest visit.

The information displayed includes Last visit, Total visits, Preferred Room type, Revenue generated, Discounts given, and Number of days stayed. More detailed information on previous visits like Reservation number, Room number, Mode of reservation, Mode of check-in, Check-in and Check-out dates, Bill number, and Room plan are listed. Personal details such as Name, Mobile number, Email, D.O.B and Address of the guests are also available.

The history is categorized into three heads based on the type of guests as In-house guests, Checkout guests, and Reservation guests. It can be accessed by providing any one of the following as inputs — Guest name, Mobile number, Email ID, Customer ID or Reservation number.

The display of guest history during check-in is helpful in applying discounts and redeeming reward points. Moreover, details from the history database can be used to send personalized letters and e-mails. Such periodic mailing helps to increase loyalty. In addition, potential guests can also be added to the mail loop which may lead to probable conversions and increased occupancy.

The history of all the guests stored in the Guest Folio can be exported as .xls and .pdf files and be printed for reviews and audits.

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