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Telecommunication is at a new height these days thanks to the phenomenal growth of technology. Electronic mails (E-mails) and Short Message Service (SMS) are the two very quick, cheap and essential means of communication available today. These two, apart from enhancing customer service, prove to be effective, convenient and preferred modes for guest communications.

E-mails and SMSs can be obtained for several purposes using this module. It includes Reservation, Check-in, Check-out, Settlement, Night Audits, Reminders, Inventory management, Housekeeping management, Maintenance requests and Thanking Referees among other such hotel communications. Default templates and contents are available within the module for every activity. However, they can be configured to create new templates and contents depending upon how the hoteliers would want to communicate with their customers.

In addition, variables such as hotel name, guest name, arrival date, mobile number and e-mail ID are denoted by keywords which make their insertion easy. The E-mail and SMS options can be configured with the help of the Mail Master Configuration sub-module to contain the default message or no message or add a new one for any category. The module can be also configured to send only an e-mail and not an SMS for a service such as Check-in.

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