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OTA/Channel Management

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Online Travel Agents (shortly OTA) are the online platforms that facilitate booking through their websites by consumers. These are the alternate distribution system that resells the hotel products to the end consumers and creates a diverse sales network for the hotels.

Channel management involves integration and automatic updating of hotel information, booking availability, and prices across all the distribution channels such as the hotel's own website and several OTA (Online Travel Agents).

The room availability data needs to be seamlessly updated throughout the time of operation in order to prevent overbooking. For this, whenever a booking happens, the availability of all channels must be reduced at the same time; the same implies for modifications and cancellations. The channel managers act in this regard and ensure automatic updating of relevant information.

Channel managers are third-party aggregators who collaborate with numerous OTA and control multiple channels. They help the properties by managing room inventory units, prices, and promotions from one place. These companies also partner with international OTA through which booking is kept open for the expatriates and foreign nationals.

HotelDesk supports partnering with the hotel channel managers and reduces the manual work involved earlier in registering all the reservations made on each OTA. Thus, the automatic updating of reservations reduces human errors and proves to be efficient. Also, the information is readily available and can be easily accessed from the Front Office itself, since all the bookings get replicated on the Dashboard. Further, the integration ensures instantaneous updating of prices across all channel partners, whenever the prices are varied due to demands.

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